What Types of Items Can You Sell at Auction Sales in Mississauga?

posted on January 25, 2016 by Don Reinhart | No Comments

Auction sales in Mississauga vary widely in terms of what’s available for the public – or for private clients – to buy.  If you’re considering selling items at an auction sale, but you’re not sure what types of things to sell, take a look at this list.  It contains just a few of the many kinds of auction items that are regularly up for bid:

  • This could be any type of collectible merchandise, from statuettes to lawn ornaments to figurines.  If you have collectibles that you no longer want or need, or you’ve inherited collectibles that you would rather sell, why not contact an auctioneer?
  • The category of paintings could also be said to include wall hangings, such as fabric murals and potentially even quilts.  A lot will determine how much a painting can go for at auction, such as the painter, the age of the painting, the style of the painting and the subject of the painting.
  • The word “antique” means something different to every buyer, so don’t assume that your 1960s table and chair set will be seen as an antique to a buyer who thinks antiques should be manufactured prior to 1950.  The same goes for the word “vintage”.  Your auctioneer will help you determine whether to call your item antique or vintage, or perhaps another title that’s more suitable.  In any case, antiques can be anything from furnishings to clothing to kitchen utensils!
  • Many buyers love to collect unusual jewelry pieces, even if the jewelry isn’t necessarily worth much innately.  If you have tons of costume jewelry, or even jewelry that is created from gemstones, bring it to an auctioneer to determine if you should sell it at an upcoming auction in Mississauga.
  • Yes, vehicles are sometimes sold at auction, and often for excellent prices!  If you have a good vehicle, or an antique vehicle, that you want to sell, try an auctioneer who has experience getting the highest bids possible for vehicles.
  • Some bidders come to auctions specifically looking for furniture that they can use to decorate their homes and offices. Although there is no way to tell if your furniture will mesh with their style and needs, you never know.  Again, if you have inherited a whole house of furniture you can’t use, contact an auctioneer so you can discuss your options as soon as possible.
  • There are a good number of people and families who collect new and used tools.  Have a rusty saw that your great-great-grandfather used?  Someone else might be willing to pay top dollar to get it.
  • Children’s toys are fun items to sell at auctions, especially if they are older toys that jog everyone’s memories!  Is your attic stuffed with toys from when you or your grandchildren were kids?  It’s time to turn those toys into money!

Remember that just because you don’t think something has value doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it.  Talk to Don at Reinhart Auctions, Caledon, Ontario, today: (905) 846-1071.