Things to Be Aware of at Furniture Auctions in Mississauga

posted on July 22, 2015 by Don Reinhart | No Comments

Are you planning to attend any of the many furniture auctions in Mississauga in the coming months?  You’re not alone.  Furniture auctions are an exciting experience, and many people like going to them on a regular basis.  However, if you’re planning on bidding and not just watching the action, you have to be aware of a few things to make the most out of your furniture auction adventure:

  • You may not have much time to see the furniture before the auction. Even if you look it over, you may be only able to buy it “as is”.  This means that what you see is what you get, so look over the furniture efficiently, yet closely.  Never buy a large, expensive piece of furniture if you aren’t certain that your questions about it have been answered.
  • Furniture that is sold at furniture auctions can be of many types of materials. Most people think of wooden furniture, but there can be glass, metal, particleboard and plastic pieces of furniture that regularly go on the auction block.  Similarly, some furniture can be a mixture of materials.
  • You can ask questions of auctioneers and other bidders before the auction begins. Speak up if you have a question or two… or twelve!  If you notice someone who seems to be interested in the same types of furniture as you, strike up a conversation.  You might just learn some important information about the furniture you’re considering bidding upon.
  • Prepare a list beforehand of what types of furniture you’d like to find. This will help you avoid buying a lot of furniture that you don’t really need.  For instance, you might be only interested in home office furniture.  Alternatively, you may be looking for furniture to remodel your entire living space.
  • Bring a measuring tape with you, and know the dimensions of your rooms at home (or the dimensions of the rooms where the furniture will go.) Furniture looks bigger or smaller when surrounded by other furniture at auctions in Mississauga and other parts of Ontario!
  • Use your cell phone to take a picture of the space where you intend to put your new furniture. Then, when you’re evaluating furniture at the auction, use the photo to determine if the furniture pieces will fit with your décor, ideals, etc.
  • Make sure you have the right type of vehicle to haul away the furniture you get. You’d be surprised at how many people come to furniture auctions in cars and forget that if they’re buying something quite large like a wardrobe, they won’t have any way to get it home!
  • You don’t have to bid on every piece of furniture you love. If a bid goes too high, you may want to let the furniture go.  The one exception is if you truly have enough “wiggle room” to snag something that you really feel you wouldn’t want to live without!

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