Sellers: Auctioneers Needs These Things!

posted on December 17, 2015 by Don Reinhart | No Comments

Last month we covered the general timeline for sellers looking to sell their items in an auction. As a follow up piece, we thought we’d cover the actual things you need to provide to your auctioneer to ensure a smoothly run auction.

  • General timeline of when you want the auction to be held: Do note that most auctioneers require a month to 2 months’ notice beforehand. If you are looking to only consign a few items, the timeframe can be shorter at 3 to 4 weeks. The best practice is to discuss with the auctioneer pretty soon after you make the decision to sell your items, so that there is more flexibility in the timeline.
  • Signed agreement: This agreement will outline the terms of the auction including the auctioneer’s fees, payment terms, and areas where the auctioneer will advertise in (as there can be additional costs).
  • A place for the auction to occur: Most auctions will happen on-site at the seller’s home. If alternative arrangements needs to be organized, please let the auctioneer know. They can recommend other places where the auction can take place.
  • Pictures and descriptions of the items: The sooner you can provide this, the sooner the auctioneer can place it online to be advertised.

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