Prepare Yourself for Upcoming Auctions in Caledon

posted on November 25, 2014 by Don Reinhart | No Comments

Got an upcoming auction ahead that you’ll be attending in Caledon? We found this list of items useful in helping you get prepared!

  • Proof of identity: Before you’re able to start bidding, you need to register with a government issued ID that shows your address. We accept driver’s license.
  • The right type of payment: Look at the listing or call the auctioneer ahead of time to determine what form of payment (such as cash, credit card, debit card, or by cheque) is accepted at the auction.
  • Transportation arranged: If you’re attending a furniture auction or equipment auction, having the transportation arranged and settled before you’ve won an item, will make your life easier! You won’t have to scramble when you realize that that dressing table you wanted to add to your home doesn’t fit in your car!
  • Measuring tape: For some auctions where you can inspect the goods before bidding, it’s always recommended to bring measuring tape. You’ll know whether you actually have room in your house for the item.
  • Comfortable attire: Auctions can run for a few hours on end. You want to be dressed comfortably to wait it out. Some of the best finds are at the end of the auctions!

As the saying goes, ‘preparation is half the battle’. To find more upcoming auctions you can attend, take a look at our calendar here.