Mississauga Antique Auctions Provide Excitement for Bidders and Onlookers

posted on November 20, 2014 by Don Reinhart | No Comments

You never know what you’re going to experience when you come to Mississauga antique auctions; that’s because the world of antiques straddles such a wide valley. In fact, the term “antiques” in and of itself is meaningless, as it has different connotations for different items. For instance, some people feel that anything older than 25 years should be labeled an “antique”; however, others use the term more sparingly and feel that age shouldn’t matter as much as quality does. Regardless, every antique auction is a unique experience that’s sure to provide excitement for attendees, whether they bid or not!

Some of the more interesting facts about antiques auctions in Mississauga, and across the world, include:

  • Many antiques may also fall into the categories of being called “retro” or “vintage”. The truth is that they may be all of the above! As long as the bidder feels they are valuable to him or her, the name doesn’t really matter.
  • The trendiness of antiques changes rapidly, so it’s tough to say what will be more or less exciting to buyers in the future. For instance, some years, antique glass pieces are highly popular; other years, antique jewelry skyrockets. Unless the antique is being purchased as a nest egg investment, the trendiness and expectations of future worth shouldn’t be as important to the buyer as the quality and attractiveness of the item.
  • Many antiques auctions showcase a variety of antiques from many categories. There can be furnishings, clothing and more. Sometimes, an antiques auction will only focus on one type of item, such as dishes or eatery. In this case, it will be noted in the auction description.
  • Antiques can come from tons of sources. Often, they will be the end result of estates that have been disassembled. Other times, they will be from private collections.
  • It may be difficult to discover the history of an antique you buy at auction, but it isn’t necessarily impossible! In fact, conducting Sherlock Holmes-inspired legwork on an interesting antique that you’ve snagged for a song can be as much fun as being the winning bidder!

Remember that you don’t have to bid on anything to enjoy an antiques auction in Mississauga or any other place in Canada. Some people choose to come as spectators, especially if they are more intrigued by the process than by the products available. That’s fine, too; there’s always room at this kind of fascinating spectator sport!

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