Estate Auctions in Mississauga Can Become Holiday Gift-Giving Adventures

posted on December 8, 2014 by Don Reinhart | No Comments

Estate auctions in Mississauga – or any other part of Canada – can prove to be more exciting than heading to a shopping mall or retailer to purchase gifts for friends, family members and even oneself! That’s because estate auctions offer the rare opportunity to bid on tons of merchandise that just cannot be found anywhere else.

What are estate auctions?

If you aren’t familiar with an estate auction, it’s essentially an auction selling the estate of a person or persons. It’s not unusual for estate auctions to take place after someone dies. For instance, an elderly woman may pass away, and her children may decide that rather than divvying up her furniture, collectibles, glassware, etc., they would rather have the money those items could fetch at an auction. Thus, they connect with a place like Reinhart Auctions and hire an auctioneer to sell the goods to the public.

What types of offerings are available at a typical estate auction?

There are no typical estate auctions, since every estate auction is unique! However, some of the more common items that are sold include china, collectible dolls, vintage clothing, antique and modern furniture, tools, artwork, sheets, blankets, draperies and other window dressings, books, rugs, and even vehicles. Before the estate auction takes place, bidders will be given a list of the items to be sold. It may be published online, either completely or in an abridged version of the full list of auction merchandise. Before the auction begins, bidders will be able to see and touch what’s being sold.