What Types of Items Can You Sell at Auction Sales in Mississauga?

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Auction sales in Mississauga vary widely in terms of what’s available for the public – or for private clients –20

Questions to Ask at Equipment Auctions

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If you’re in the market for some equipment for your farm, restaurant, or construction company, equipment auctions offers some fresh20

Let Antique Auctions Be Your First Venture into the Auction World!

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Are you new to the world of auctions? Have you heard great things about it and want to experience the20

Ask a Professional Auctioneer – Your In-Depth Auction Questions Answered

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Although it’s easy to find answers to basic questions on working with a professional auctioneer, you might not be able20

Sellers: Auctioneers Needs These Things!

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Last month we covered the general timeline for sellers looking to sell their items in an auction. As a follow up piece, we thought we’d cover the actual things you need to provide to your auctioneer to ensure a smoothly run auction.

Sell Your Equipment and Livestock at Farm Auctions

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If you’re looking to sell a large quantity of your equipment and livestock in a relatively short period of time, farm auctions are the way to go! You won’t have to worry about spending time setting up separate Kijiji ads to find buyers for each of your items – an auctioneer can take care of it for you.

Find Some Holiday Gifts at Antique Auctions This Year

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If the holiday music and decorations in-stores are any indication, the gift-giving season is coming! Instead of pushing through crowds of people to look for the perfect gift, why not try your luck at antique auctions this year? Find that one-of-a-kind item that will endear you to your family and friends.

Advantages of Choosing a Mississauga Licensed Auctioneer

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When you want to work with an auctioneer in Mississauga or any other Canadian city, there’s a whole list of important factors to consider. At the top of that list should be what kind of licensing the auctioneer has received.

Looking to Sell at an Auction? What is the Process Like?

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When you’re looking to sell your items at an on-site auction, it’s important to be aware of the steps and timelines. Most auctioneers require at least 2 months’ notice in order to have enough time to advertise for the auction.

What to Look for When Hiring an Auctioneer in Toronto

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Are you thinking about hiring an auctioneer in Toronto? It might seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you’re not20