Being an Auctioneer in the Auctions Industry

posted on August 21, 2014 by Don Reinhart | No Comments

The auction industry has always been an interesting industry to work in.

My parents started the family business in 1952. I’ve grown up seeing all kinds of things being auctioned off, from real estate to airplanes to construction equipment. Back then, all auctions were held on site, at the seller’s property. Auctioneering wasn’t as flexible as today where the auction can be held off-site, allowing more people to attend. We now also have telephone bidding, as well as online bidding, and even more ways to market and advertise auctions to a greater number of buyers and sellers.

I enjoy being an auctioneer because I get the chance to meet tons of interesting and amazing people, hear their stories, and see new items being placed on the market. I’ve been in the auction business for the better part of 40 years, and I still find myself selling off things that I have never sold before. But my favorite auctions remain those that involve classic cars and gas station memorabilia. (Tip: There’s a great market for those items right now!)