Advantages of Choosing a Mississauga Licensed Auctioneer

posted on November 18, 2015 by Don Reinhart | No Comments

When you want to work with an auctioneer in Mississauga or any other Canadian city, there’s a whole list of important factors to consider.  At the top of that list should be what kind of licensing the auctioneer has received.  Many people don’t realize that there’s serious value in hiring a licensed auctioneer over one who has been self-taught.  While we applaud anyone who decides to venture into the auctioneering field, it’s essential for auction clientele that they have the advantages of working with a licensed auctioneer, rather than one who has no formal training or credentials.

What Licensing Does for Auctioneers and Their Clients

Licensing adds a level of authority and accreditation to any auctioneer, and that leads to protection and peace of mind for both customers and buyers.  It’s a little like the difference between buying insurance from a licensed insurance agent, versus someone who says they “dabble” in selling insurance.  Which would you trust?

Licensed auctioneers understand several key principles when it comes to auctioneering:

Professionalism – A licensed auctioneer will take his or her job seriously because of the training that’s been received.  Someone who isn’t well-versed in auctioneering may not be as professional.  This isn’t always because of negligence, but because of a misunderstanding of the auctioneer’s role.  Auctioneers need to follow a code of ethics, and unlicensed auctioneers are unlikely to understand the ramifications of overlooking each element of that code.