About Don

To Don Reinhart, auctioneering is a way to connect with people and the community.

Don-Reinhart-Reinhart-AuctionsDon Reinhart was born in an auctioneer family. His father, Herb Reinhart, was an auctioneer, starting the family business in 1952. Growing up on the family farm, his father instilled in him the passion and knowledge to use his skills in auctioneering to contribute to the community.

Having started his career in auctioneering in 1965, Don has years of experience under his belt. He even expanded into the media industry with his television appearances in auctions. He has participated in all types of auctions, from selling restaurant equipment to salvaged cars. At the end of the day though, it’s the people that makes him love the industry. He likes interacting with people, and working with them to get the best value for items sold or bought.

Don has been happily married for 42 years, lives on a hobby farm, and enjoys watching Nascar races and (some) reality TV shows!

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