3 Myths about Selling at Equipment Auctions in Toronto

posted on November 17, 2014 by Don Reinhart | No Comments

If you’re looking to sell some equipment from your restaurant or construction company, equipment auctions in Toronto is one avenue to look into. You may find your equipment selling at a higher price than you expected because of competitive bidding. However, if you have some reservations about selling your items at equipment auctions due to the following myths, we’re here to help you understand more about it!

Myth #1: You will get back less money at an auction than through private sales.

While how high the price is raised to at an auction is dependent on the attendees, the fact that there is competitive bidding can help raise the value higher. Also, if you select the right auctioneer, with many years of experience in equipment auctions, they can attract the right buyers to your auction.

Myth #2: Auctions are only worth it if you have a lot of equipment to sell.