10 Common Types of Items Offered at Equipment Auctions in Toronto

posted on August 17, 2015 by Don Reinhart | No Comments

Have you ever wondered what you can find at equipment auctions in Toronto? If you’ve never been to equipment auctions before, you could be very surprised at the variety of merchandise available! Take a look at these 10 common types of items that you’ll see at equipment auctions:

  1. Heavy construction equipment. If an industry customarily uses construction equipment such as cranes, bulldozers and cherry pickers, you’ll often find these available at auctions.
  2. Farm equipment. Agriculture-related equipment is regularly sold at auction. Don’t assume that just because it’s used, it won’t be useful and last a long time! Many farmers make it a point to purchase used equipment at auctions.
  3. Antique equipment. There are some people who like to collect antique equipment, such as tractors from the early-to-mid 20th Antiques like these may be offered at a regular equipment auction, rather than at an antiques auction.
  4. Signs and collectibles. Although these aren’t equipment, per se, they may be part of a larger equipment auction, especially if the equipment is being sold after a company is liquidated, or the signs and collectibles are part of an estate sale.
  5. Landscaping equipment. The landscaping business can be quite lucrative, so there are always start-ups appearing throughout Ontario. If you’re considering going on your own as a landscaper, an equipment auction can be a terrific resource. You’ll save money while obtaining top-notch merchandise.
  6. Small equipment. Many people automatically assume that equipment auctions will include large items, but this isn’t the case. It may be just as likely that you’ll see a leaf blower as that you’ll see an excavator at an auction.
  7. If an equipment auction is part of the liquidation of a company, don’t be surprised if you find tools for sale. Even if you aren’t buying for a business purpose, you may want to see what you can find for your own home or hobby use.
  8. Restaurant equipment. This is a very common type of equipment that you’ll see at equipment auctions. Restaurants often upgrade and then sell off their used equipment, including appliances like ovens, mixers, freezers and refrigerators. You can snatch up amazing bargains if you’re looking for something for your own eatery.
  9. Occasionally, you’ll see a vehicle (not a commercial vehicle, but one that could be used for residential means) at an equipment auction. In general, these are going to be trucks. So if you’re in need of a truck that’s hard-working, an auction may be the place to go!
  10. Government surplus equipment. Finally, you may be able to pick up used government surplus items at equipment auctions. Many times, this is more office-related equipment that’s meant for heavy usage.

Want to know more about any equipment auction that’s coming up in Toronto or the GTA? At Reinhart Auctions, we do our best to advertise every auction and give you a good idea of what you’ll see when you come. Even if you aren’t sure you want to bid, we invite you to investigate an equipment auction. You might just be pleasantly surprised at what you discover!